How to use the Delivery Times for WooCommerce plugin

We recently released Delivery Times for WooCommerce, a free plugin that customizes your checkout to allow customers to select a delivery date and time when placing an order.

There’s a bunch of features built in so you can set your opening and closing times, the days of the week you’re open, pre-order days/time notice, and more.

Let’s check out how it works!

Installing Delivery Times for WooCommerce

You can download the plugin directly via the following link (download), or you can search for the plugin by name in your WordPress dashboard via Plugins -> Add New.

Once you’ve go the plugin activated, you’ll notice that it automatically redirects you to the settings page.

That’s for good reason – you need to input your settings before the plugin will fully work.

Let;s check out the available settings in the Delivery Times for WooCommerce settings page.

Basic Settings

The Delivery Times for WooCommerce plugin comes with a handful of settings to help you customize your checkout experience to suit your delivery business needs.

This tab displays the following settings which lets you customize how the fields are displayed on the front end for your customers:

  • Pre-order days – How many days ahead are customers allowed to place an order?
  • Delivery days prep – How many days notice do you require for delivery?
  • Delivery time prep – How many hours notice do you require for delivery?
  • Delivery date label – The label displayed on checkout page and in order details
  • Require delivery date – Check this box to require customers select a delivery date during checkout
  • Delivery time label – The label displayed on checkout page and in order details
  • Require delivery time – Check this box to require customers select a delivery time during checkout

Business Hours Settings

After you’ve got the basic settings out of the way, it’s time to add your business hours and what days of the week you’re open.

These settings are all pretty self explanatory, but let’s break each of them down quickly anyways.

First there’s the Delivery Days which lets you check the box for every day of the week that you will be offering delivery.

This setting will hide the unchecked days from being the Datepicker used in the delivery date field during checkout.

Then you’re able to add your shop’s opening time, and closing time with the included time settings fields.

What your customers see

During checkout, your customers will see the Delivery Date and Delivery Time fields displayed right after the Billing address fields.

Based on the settings you’ve input into the back-end, clicking the date field will open up the date picker with specific days excluded, in this case it’s Sunday and Monday.

Thank you for your order page

By adding the delivery date details right at the top of the Order Details section of the Thank You page, your customers can easily see the time and date they’ve picked when placing their order.

Anything we missed?

This is only the version 1.0 release of the Delivery Times for WooCommerce plugin, so it’s safe to say that I’m just getting started with it.

Are there features that you wished existed in this plugin but don’t see them yet?

Let me know via the contact page because I’m always looking for ways to make the plugins better and appreciate the feedback!

9 thoughts on “How to use the Delivery Times for WooCommerce plugin

  1. Is there a way to sort the orders by delivery time? This plugin solves SO MANY PROBLEMS with our bakery delivery business, it would be great to have delivery times also queue up our baking!

    1. Thanks Zach, I’m glad you like the plugin! There’s not a way built in by default to sort by time but that’s something I can absolutely look into for a future release.

  2. Hi There,

    Great plugin. I have a customer who requires different cut-off and prep times for each day of the week. It would be great if we could input the settings for each day. For example. As they are not open on Saturday or Sunday, and they still want to take orders – the earliest they could deliver is Tuesday of the next week, but if the customer orders by 3pm on a Wednesday, they can get the delivery next day. I tried a few different settings, but their product is custom made cakes so they need the window to make and the weekend/order overlap causes issues. Let me know if this makes sense! Thanks for the great plugin, really good to see someone putting this together. Love the delivery drivers plugin as well.

    1. Thanks Heather, I’m glad you like the plugin! There’s an update in the works that adds open/close times to each day of the week. This will be in the next big release that’s coming sometime in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

  3. This app has been very helpful, but I also have a customer that needs different different times for each day. Do you have any news on that feature being rolled into an update?

    1. Thanks Joel, I’m glad you find it helpful. And yes, there’s a new release coming within the next month or so that will have open/close times available for each day of the week.

  4. The plugin looks good so far. There is one thing I’m missing, though: My customer is a restaurant that has to delivery time slots each day, from 11am to 2pm and then again from 5pm to 9pm. It would be great to have that option.
    Plus, it would be nice to have it multilingual, as well as an option to select the times in 24 hr mode instead of AM / PM. I’ll be happy to help with the German translation!

    1. Thanks Peter, I’m glad you like the plugin!

      Yes, the option to set multiple open/close times is being worked on and will be released as part of a Pro version.

      For the German translation, you can submit your translation via Github here:

      And for the 24hr mode, this is available now – the dates and times displayed are based on the time format you set in your admin dashboard under Settings -> General.


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