DDWC Pro v1.3 Release Notes

We just released version 1.3 of our Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro plugin and it’s full of awesomeness!

Beyond the smaller code enhancements that have been done in this release, there’s the TWILIO INTEGRATION!

We understand that a lot of the users of our Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce plugins are on-the-road and would rather have text messages used to send updates instead of the default emails.

To meet this demand, the version 1.3 release of DDWC Pro includes Twilio integration for SMS messages.

Send updates via text message

In order to provide you with the leading delivery driver plugin for WooCommerce, it was imperative that we added in SMS capabilities for messages to the admin, driver and customer.

That’s where Twilio comes in!

Twilio SMS

As a leader in the cloud communications platform industry, Twilio makes it a breeze for programmers to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.

For this release of the Delivery Drivers for WooCOmmerce plugin, we’re focusing on the text (SMS) capabilities that Twilio offers.

In your WooCommerce settings, you’ll see our Delivery Drivers tab has additional settings fields.

First, you’ll see the Message type setting, which defaults to Email but lets you choose SMS as the message types you’d like to send (as seen in the image above).

After you set the message type to SMS (twilio), you will need to add your Twilio phone number and API details in order to connect your website with Twilio.

Once this info is saved, your website will now send messages in the following ways:

  • Driver gets text when they’re assigned a new order
  • Customer gets text when driver marks order as “out for delivery”
  • Admin gets text when order is marked “completed” by driver

In order to help you customize these messages easily, they’ve each been given filters, which we’ll cover in the new filters section below.

But what if your customers don’t want to receive text messages? No problem!

During checkout, the customer will need to check the “Receive updates via text message” box in order to receive SMS updates.

If they don’t check this box, they’ll receive the default email updates.

5 New Filters

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro 1.3 includes a handful of new filters, which you can see below.

  • ddwc_pro_unclaimed_orders
  • ddwc_pro_order_completed_sms_admin_phone
  • ddwc_pro_order_completed_sms_message
  • ddwc_pro_order_out_for_delivery_sms_message
  • ddwc_pro_order_driver_assigned_sms_message

View all Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro filters.

To customize the SMS messages that are sent with Twilio, you can use the bottom three filters and change the text messages sent.

You can also change the phone number for the administrator that gets notified when an order is marked as “completed” by the driver with the ddwc_pro_completed_sms_admin_phone filter.

Download Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro v1.3

If you already purchased a copy of the plugin, you will find the updated download link in your account’s order details.

If you don’t have a copy of the DDWC Pro plugin yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to the product page and download it now!

8 thoughts on “DDWC Pro v1.3 Release Notes

    1. There were 7 new filters and 2 action hooks added in v1.4, as well as text string updates for localization, and general code cleanup.

      You can see the full list of available filters and functions for DDWC Pro at the following links:

      DDWC Pro Filters
      DDWC Pro Action Hooks

    1. Yes, Dokan integration has started and currently the vendor address gets used on the Driver Dashboard in the Google Map so the driver goes from Vendor -> Customer.

  1. Is there an option to send a text to the customer (in addition to the admin) when the order is marked completed by the driver?

    1. Thanks for the comment Greg! This isn’t currently an option but I can definitely see the use case for this, so I’ve added it to the todo list. You should see it pop up in a new release soon

      1. Thanks! Perhaps the simplest option would be to add “recipient” fields to each email/text?

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